Scene then : I was 15 and I wanted to be a designer. And then an artist. And then an architect or a scientist maybe but both the dreams were soon forgotten. Or may be simply win a lottery and sit back and enjoy life. But it was all just a passing phase. Glimpses of different scenarios that can be possibilities. I was unsure on which train to hop on.

Zoom into the present scene : And I have found my life`s calling. I have embarked on the right train. I am a management grad. I love to paint. I am captivated by art and colours and all things nice. I find writing life`s experiences uplifting. I find joy in symphony of food, aroma and flavors. Cooking is my way to unwind and to feed and cleanse the body and soul. And I love capturing all things beautiful, tasty and life`s memorable moments on cam!

A little about me...

I am Prathima Rao, born and brought up in the scenic coastal city Mangalore in state of Karnataka (India). My everyday life revolves round juggling with cooking, baking, recipe developing, photography, painting, writing

About Prats Corner...

My desire to share my life`s journey and my journey into the culinary world to all, to share traditional family recipes that would otherwise be lost led to the start of food and living blog - Prats Corner. And this eventually moved to a new home, a new and revamped page - Prathi Ruchi

And there are some experiences in my life I can never forget, some lessons learnt, some people who have made a difference in my life, food stories that I just have to share with the world, all these and more on Prats Corner.


  1. Hello Pratima,

    We would love to have you writing guest posts on ManipalBlog.com.

    If interested could you let us know by sending a mail to admin@manipalblog.com

  2. Hie Pratima,

    Stumbled upon your blog while surfing... and I love it !!
    What a warm space you have here... Happy to follow you.
    Great going cheers !!

  3. Namskara Pratima!

    Finally found a Kannadathi blogger!! phew! was wondering if there are any Kannada food bloggers at all apart from me :P
    My culinary journey began just like yours! :) nice to have run into you.. do keep in touch! where do you live BTW?



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