Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil - Product Review

.....and bajra and onion pakoras

A visit to the supermarket leaves you confused, with so many choices available for different edible items. Products claiming so many benefits and all the while you wonder to what extent the products deliver them all. And with the increase in so many lifestyle and food related disorders, it is imperative to think and review products well before you buy them. Appropriate changes in kind of food we consume and the way we consume them need to be given top priority to ensure a healthy and better life for you and your family.

Cooking oil is one ingredient that is often changed in our cooking for two reasons. One is to get optimum benefits of the different oils that contain varied benefits, like, coconut oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, olive oil, sesame oil.  The second being sometimes some of the oils do not give the required taste and result as expected. Then I came across an advertisement for Rice bran oil. It was something I had not used in my cooking earlier but had heard of many positive reviews about it.

And then I received a sample of Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil for review. Thanks to Blogadda for sending a 2 litre pack of Fortune Rice Bran Health oil. I am reviewing healthy oil as a part of the BlogAdda`s Program Review Program for Indian Bloggers.

About Rice Bran Oil :

Rice bran oil is extracted from thin bran coating of brown rice. This oil offers many unique properties over other common cooking oils. Rice bran oil contains vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients. It can fight free radicals, enhance immune system, helps lower cholestrol and much more. From cooking point of view, the oil is delicate and flavorful, versatile and 100% vegetarian.

Bajra and Onion pakoras