Monday, August 12, 2013

Virtual Food Fest on Prathi Ruchi


The Theme - Coastal Fiesta – Flavors of Udipi & Mangalore

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

The journey so far and ahead...

I need to begin this post with apologies to many, starting from all my regular readers and fellow bloggers, friends, family and then of course Prats Corner too! For its been ages since I took time to pen down my experiences here. And above all Prats Corner completed 3 years of wonderful culinary journey last month and I failed to remember this special day. It took a  gentle reminder from my sister to recollect PC`s 3rd anniversary and day it started..

There I was more than 3 years ago when the world of food and cooking was still very new to me. And google was catching up fast, being relied on for all different purposes including recipes! I sat there in from of my computer and began the hunt for interesting and new recipes. And I was immediately hooked to it! That is when I came across few food blogs like Prathy`s and Raks. I found a simpler way to materialize my initial plans of starting a food and health website. Blogging was an easy way to start with. Well, for one I had no idea for how long I would last in the virtual food world or even how the response would be. All I had planned was to simply post few simple family recipes with no clue about food photography or food styling even!

One of my earlier posts on Prats Corner

What I thought I would be doing in isolation, all by myself proved very wrong. I met so many wonderful and talented fellow bloggers out there in the food blogging world. Bloggers who willingly shared their tips and expertise and were ever ready to assist in any way whenever I needed help, which was way quite often! This again proves to me how like minded and people of similar interest can so successfully join hands and accomplish more than planned!

While I would love to mention a few of my blogger friends it would not be fair if I miss out on some of them unintentionally for almost all of them have helped me in some way or the other, whether they are aware of it or not. So that I shall leave it out now and thank them personally when the chance is thrown my way.

So many events with interesting and unique themes held by bloggers was yet another opportunity to try out and learn new cuisines. And it was a nice feeling to having won one such event by Pari. And then there was the Blog Hop by Radhika was another platform to cook and taste dishes tried and tested by expert fellow bloggers. And not to forget more friends I met through this event.

Peas curry made from Radhika`s blog for Blog Hop

Even behind the scenes I found myself immersed in more cooking related activities. With my new found love for cooking international dishes, it was a pleasure to have attended a French cooking class conducted by a Frenchman itself. More insights into delightful and sophisticated world French cooking was the outcome.

At the French cooking class, chef making Ratatouille

And I guess I was got a tad more inquisitive and would keep asking every aunt who visited us or whom we visited recipes and tips of their signature dishes, borrowed their cookbooks and jotted down recipes! I know I may have been  more curious and probing than needed but always appreciate their willingness to share.

Then there are those who tasted my culinary creations and gave their feedback, approved or not approved or suggestions! Mom, dad and my dear sister were of course patient enough to put up with my hyper behaviour when a dish did not turn out the way it was supposed to or for their patience for having waited for me to be done with food photographs even when their stomachs grumbled with anger, hunger! And then of course most of all for their immense courage to have taken the bold step to taste the new dishes made by me!!! Mom`s recipe collections, her constant tips and advices have been my strong guidance till date!

The book collection!

And then before I realized, it was 2 years already and in those 2 years I was introduced to wider areas with respect to food - recipe developing, food photography, food styling, menu preparation, food writing and the likes. Never in my wildest dreams did I think of these many aspects involved in food blogging and I would even begin to enjoy it all so much. And I never even expected myself to last that long in blogging!

And then along the way I met someone who is more than willing to take all of the above to whole new level, a level I only dreamt of initially and then brushed it aside thinking it would all remain just that - a dream. I met my soulmate, a total foodie, an  innovative cook during weekends and much more more on the non-food aspect! But for now let me focus on his interest for food only... And then he introduced me to even wider scope and possibilities in food blogging. And so came into existence Prathi Ruchi, a one stop place for tasty veggie delights, food stories, reviews, food camps and more! And my dear would be mother-in-law , along with my fiance are a strong backbone for this new venture - Prathi Ruchi. I have moved home, well almost, from Prats Corner to Prathi Ruchi..

The journey so far has been immensely gratifying and no doubt will continue to be, with me picking up more food stories, food secrets, family recipes and more and sharing it with all you wonderful readers!!

Once again,  thank you all for your ever growing and strong support. You can view all the latest recipes on Prathi Ruchi and 'LIKE' us on facebook to get instant notifications on Prathi Ruchi updates.

More on the journey through wonderworld of tasty vegetarian food, traditional Mangalorean cuisine and much much more continued on Prathi Ruchi, Letz keep it Tasty!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013`s here!!

The surprise on Prats Corner is finally out..!!

A new home, with more exciting recipes, events, food camps `et all!!

Prats Corner is now `Letzkit - Prathi Ruchi', 

launched on May 3rd, 2013.

Drop into our new virtual culinary destination for more information!

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil - Product Review

.....and bajra and onion pakoras

A visit to the supermarket leaves you confused, with so many choices available for different edible items. Products claiming so many benefits and all the while you wonder to what extent the products deliver them all. And with the increase in so many lifestyle and food related disorders, it is imperative to think and review products well before you buy them. Appropriate changes in kind of food we consume and the way we consume them need to be given top priority to ensure a healthy and better life for you and your family.

Cooking oil is one ingredient that is often changed in our cooking for two reasons. One is to get optimum benefits of the different oils that contain varied benefits, like, coconut oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, olive oil, sesame oil.  The second being sometimes some of the oils do not give the required taste and result as expected. Then I came across an advertisement for Rice bran oil. It was something I had not used in my cooking earlier but had heard of many positive reviews about it.

And then I received a sample of Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil for review. Thanks to Blogadda for sending a 2 litre pack of Fortune Rice Bran Health oil. I am reviewing healthy oil as a part of the BlogAdda`s Program Review Program for Indian Bloggers.

About Rice Bran Oil :

Rice bran oil is extracted from thin bran coating of brown rice. This oil offers many unique properties over other common cooking oils. Rice bran oil contains vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients. It can fight free radicals, enhance immune system, helps lower cholestrol and much more. From cooking point of view, the oil is delicate and flavorful, versatile and 100% vegetarian.

Bajra and Onion pakoras