Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Visit

As kids, a trip to our farmhouse was what my little sister and I eagerly awaited for every weekend. As we approached the gates, we would be pleasantly welcomed by the vast expanse of greenery undisturbed by man. Past the curved driveway we would approach the house to be greeted by my grandma at the portico, who had been patiently waiting for our arrival. The normal silence would be broken by our laughter and greetings and we would then enter the house.

Our next stop was at the garage where we would find grandpa thoroughly involved in repairing his 'car' - his beloved Morris eight! The usual greetings would follow - 'How are you?' asks grandpa, 'I am fine' I reply. I would then be tongue-tied, not knowing how to proceed further! A man of few words who rarely enquired much about our life, but his eyes did all the talking. Filled with warmth and love for his family, the eyes would express all that was in his heart.

Grandpa standing proudly next to his 1946 Morris Eight.He was the second owner of this car.
Charcoal Painting by Prathima Rao

Grandma on the other hand would make up for all his silence! From the moment we would enter the house, she would start to update us with all the 'breaking news' in our family :)

Lunch would be a quiet affair. The picture of grandpa closing his eyes when eating is still vivid. He would savor each bite without letting any distractions cloud his mind. Grandma would prepare the tastiest meals ever. Even the simple steamed rice was simply awesome! Owe it all to her 'magic hands' and the technique of cooking meals in wood-fire (which my grandparents always preferred over modern gadgets). And of course one cannot forget it was also peppered with her love for her family.....

Lunch would be followed by a siesta surrounded by greenery and fresh air filled with chirping of birds (truly music to ones ears). This was the time when sis & I would take grandma along with us for a stroll in the 'forest', during which occasional sightings of rare birds would keep us engrossed. On some visits grandpa would take us for a ride on his bicycle..

 One of the occasional sightings......

As the sun neared the horizon to call it a day, it would be time to say our goodbyes. On our way back to the city, as sadness would start to envelope on leaving  we would recall the wonderful time we had. The joy & happiness would once again fill our hearts and we would start planning our next visit to this magical world filled with so much love......

"We miss you grandma & grandpa. But instead of dwelling in sadness that you are not with us, we wrap ourselves in the warmth & kindness of how you lived....."


  1. Well written Prathima. I remember those days...and the car. It was not just a car but that car was almost like a child to your grandpa!

    You are a good artist too...:-)

  2. I almost teared up reading your write up..reminded me of all those fun days we used to spend at our grandparent's place..the charcoal painting is absolutely marvelous!!!!

    US Masala

  3. My only words are... Beautiful! you nrought tears to me eyes.

  4. U r rite Nayana..the 'car' was like a child to him n no one dared to call it as just a 'car' in front of him! Thx aipi & Priya..yes...thinking of the moments spent with our grandparents alwayz makes us emotional...

  5. Prathima , am so happy to meet u and u have a wonderful blog here!!
    thannxx for stoppin by, i love discovern Indian blogs!!
    this is a beautifully written post!!
    HEy wud u love to join a blogger parcel swap?
    Hop by below for details and register fast:-)

  6. lovely post prathima, loved reading it...and the charcoal painting you have done is so beautiful...

  7. The article brought back all the pleasant memories about your grandparents. Your writing style is very good, dear Pratima. I'll send the link to Jaidev & Maithii who used to call them 'Kadajja' & 'Kad doddamma'!

  8. Hi Prathima, I enjoyed your article, like amma (mithra), it brought back a lot of memories of Kadaaja and Kad doddamma for me too :) Perampalli was pure fun! You write and draw very well - I look forward to seeing more from you..

  9. Thank u soo... much mithra aunty & jaidev anna :)

  10. Beautiful post, brought me memories of my grandparents too..Well written, great charcoal painting


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